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How Income Protection Saved Andrew

A herniated disc sounds agonising enough. But add to that the fact that you’re a brand-new parent, and you’re in whole new world of pain. This ....

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How to Assist Clients Facing Financial Hardship

In this third episode of The Truth with Tanya, Laurence Hugo from Credit Mediation Services joins Tanya Sale in a discussion about financial hardsh....

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The Biggest Challenge Our Industry Will Face

The financial services industry is no stranger to scandal, and this has lead to vast reforms across the sector. Progress has been made, but it has ....

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How to invest in a moving target

Asia has changed massively over the last few decades, and in ways that the West aren’t seeing. In markets where each person having two smartphones is the new norm, or where domestic brands are beating international giants, how do you invest where the only constant is change?



Inside Platinum's textbook succession plan

Succession planning is a challenge for any business, but the stakes are higher when you're managing almost $30 billion in assets. As legendary inve....



What Does Fixed Income Hold in 2018?

As an asset class, fixed income is often overlooked in favour of newer and more dynamic investment strategies, however, at a time when we’re expe....



MFS: Global Equity Trust

The MFS Global Equity Trust uses a unique management style with the aim to outperform the MSCI World Index and present growth at reasonable prices.....


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Bianca Hartge-Hazelman, Editorial Team, No More Practice Education20 September, 2018

What's it going to take to get more women into advice?

The push is on to make the financial planning industry more gender diverse. We asked a number of high profile women in planning for their tips and ....


Yu-Ming Wang, Global Head of Investment, CIO, Nikko Asset Management18 September, 2018

The danger of investing in a moving target (and it’s not what you think)

Asia has changed greatly over the last few decades, and in ways that the West aren’t seeing. In markets where each person having two smartphones ....


Brad Potter, head of Australian equities, Nikko Asset Management18 September, 2018

Reporting wrap up - what's the deal with banks?

With reporting season at an end, Nikko Asset Management have provided an expert summary touching on cost inflation, cost pressures, earnings outloo....


Latest News

Industry's finest join No More Practice to support advisers

10 July 2018

After its recent acquisition by OneVue Holdings, No More Practice Education has today announced that it will intensify its communications efforts to provide greater support to the advice sector through this challenging period in the financial services industry.


Vanessa Stoykov premieres new book

10 April 2018

No More Practice Education are proud to announce the launch of Vanessa Stoykov's debut novel, Th....


A practical guide to getting out of debt

25 January 2018

Via MyBody+Soul

Debt is one of those things that can have a huge emotional impac....


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