Brad Potter. head of Australian equities Nikko Asset Management

In this Market Update series from Nikko Asset Management, head of Australian equities, Brad Potter, explores the key trends currently shaping our equity markets and discusses how these will impact investors. Brad also analyses the impact China is having on the sector and how this could help to keep the mining industry afloat.

What you'll learn /

The Nikko Asset Management Market Update course with Brad Potter will give you insights into:


The health of the Australian equities market
The impact of China on the mining sector
What investors can expect from Aussie equities
Where Nikko AM is finding value in the sector

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Brad Potter /

head of Australian equities Nikko Asset Management

I have been in the industry for around 23 years, starting as a geologist in outback Western Australia before moving into stockbroking as a mining analyst. I began my career at Ord Minnett, followed by a stint in corporate finance with Westpac, before I joined Nikko AM, where I have been for over 14 years.

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Outline of the course /

The health of the Australian equities market

Our equity market is currently at the beginning of a profit cycle, where stocks appear expensive, yet are expected to be rerated before the earnings come through, says Brad Potter of Nikko Asset Management. In this video, Brad explains what you need to know to be best placed to capitalise on this profit cycle, and why Nikko AM is actively seeking out stocks exposed to the economy.

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Where Nikko AM finds value

As an intrinsic value investor, the team at Nikko AM has to “burn a lot of rubber to uncover true value”, Brad Potter says. In this video, he discusses why he believes it’s currently a stockpicker’s market, and why it’s important to always invest for the long-term.

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The impact of China on Aussie equities

As China has such an enormous impact globally it’s crucial to have people on the ground who can assess what’s happening on the front line and make quick calls, as, and when needed, says Brad Potter. Brad discusses how he sees the Chinese economy playing out and what impact this is likely to have on Aussie markets.

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