AGBA National Conference “Bringing It All Together” /

The conference aims to increase the awareness of “goals-based advice” and facilitate the implementation of and framework for goals-based investment portfolios in advice businesses.

It is designed to bring together practical knowledge and tools from advisers, dealer groups, comentators, fund managers, regulators, educations and other industry professionals that may assist advisory groups and their advisers to implement goals based advice in their businesses.

Key note presenters:

- Chris Cuffe – Third Link Investment Managers/Australian Philanthropic

- Steve Tucker – Koda Capital

- Andrew Inwood – CEO Core Data

- Brigette Leckie – CIO Koda Capital

- Ian Knox – Co-Founder & MD Paragem

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  • Clearly define and understand what goals based advice is and what makes it different.
  • A deep and practical understanding of relevance of investment strategies in a goals based investment portfolio.
  • Portfolio construction methodologies in a goals based investment solution.
  • Compliance and governance
  • Risk monitoring
  • Client communication
  • Adviser/AFSL case studies
  • 6.5-7 CPD hours

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