Talking Business with Alan Kohler

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Alan Kohler is the founder of Business Spectator, a business news and financial commentary website. He is also the ABC's finance reporter and founder of the online investing publication Eureka Report.

This month Alan Kohler meets a diverse group of Australian Business personalities from across a broad range of market sectors and discusses their stories, their success & the challenges behind their business.

Vanessa Stoykov CEO of No More Practice Education & Group CEO of Evolution Media Group

Vanessa discusses why Australians need to unlearn everything they know about money, in order to improve their finances. The most common finance mistakes people and businesses are making. What will happen if Australians don’t improve their financial situation (new research reveals over 80% of Australians could be unable to afford a comfortable retirement at this rate…!). She has two decades of experience focussing on ‘educating the educators’ with new techniques to assist them in better communicating and serving the wider community to better their financial future.

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