Future Gazing: A Platinum Perspective

Future Gazing: A Platinum Perspective

Douglas Isles, an actuary by training, first joined Platinum Asset Management in 2003 as an investment analyst, following time spent at both CBA and Aegon Asset Management in Edinburgh. In 2008 he relocated to Singapore to develop Standard Charter Bank’s equity broking business before returning to Platinum in 2013 as an investment specialist. Now, he has the critical role of acting as the bridge between the fund manager, which as of 31 December 2017 has $27 billion in funds under management, and the financial advice community.

As a general rule, human beings do not like change and tend to fear the unknown, however where fear and change are found, there is opportunity. By watching real-world trends and themes, Platinum Asset Management attempts to exploit areas where the market will over or under-react.


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  • Why Australian investors should 'go global'
  • The value of bettering access paths to funds


Why Investors Need to ‘Go Global’ in 2018

Since the ‘90s, Australian investors have tended to follow the American approach of heavy domestic investment. However, a revolving door of political leaders and our small population could provide a challenge to this strong home bias. While investors are beginning to look overseas for comfortable opportunities with big brands, Douglas Isles of Platinum Asset Management believes the global stage presents the best opportunities in places where investors may be less comfortable, yet where Platinum has had decades of experience itself.




Expanding Investment Channels

Behavioural finance is at the centre of Platinum Asset Management. Understanding how people behave and react to market events allows Platinum to find opportunities to grow its clients’ wealth over time. This long-term growth is vital to Australians’ retirement outcomes, so by simplifying access to investment products, Platinum hopes to make investing easier for Australians of all ages.



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