Are overseas investors buying our property?

In my job I get to talk to a whole lot of really interesting people. They’re all super intelligent and highly experienced, so each time I have a conversation with one of them I learn something new. I find this fascinating and it means I have one of the best jobs in the world.

I particularly enjoyed learning from the man you will see in this video. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that Chris Rands of Nikko Asset Management has a way of explaining complex subjects that makes them relevant and easy to understand.

His baby-faced persona is disarming, and within a couple of minutes I was happy to sit there and be schooled, without even realising that's what was happening! Chris's views on Chinese investors coming to Australia, and why we need to think differently about it, was very compelling. He helped me to adjust my views and understand how these international investors are boosting a variety of markets across Australia, not just property.

His explanation of why fixed income makes sense in Australia also made me view it in a new light. I know this is an explanation I could give my friends who don't work in finance, and they would also get it.

I always enjoy making our Thought Leaders series because of the very nature of our guests. This one really made me think, and that's the aim of a thoughtful conversation. It has a mainstream message that anyone who has an interest in property would find worth listening to.

I look forward to bringing you more conversations of this caliber in 2018.

As always, thanks to Nikko Asset Management and in particular, its managing director Sam Hallinan, for giving us access to your pool of talent and being part of our Collective. We are very fortunate to have you participate in our ongoing movement to make the pension irrelevant.

Enjoy the interview.

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