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Meet the new CEO of one of Australia's biggest super funds

We sat down with the in-coming and out-going CEOs of one of the biggest businesses in the industry. See this behind-the-scenes insight here first in this exclusive video interview.

14 Feb 2019

Super fund CEOs speak out on advice

In this first episode of After Hours Season 2, FEAL chief executive Joanna Davison discusses the challenges associated with intra-fund financial ad....

14 Feb 2019

Joanna Davison's passion for supporting super fund leaders

In this second episode, FEAL chief executive Joanna Davison discusses her career and why she's so passionate about supporting superannuation leader....

25 Jan 2019

What are members looking for in their super fund?

Michael Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer, First State Super

In superannuation, it can be very easy to focus on investment returns and forget what the industry is really about - delivering retirement outcomes....

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