The Investment Series

The Investment Series is the only reality TV show created to educate the public on the benefits of financial advice and professional money management. Real life investors will feature on the show, with their financial advisers, as they strive towards their wealth goals.


The Truth with Tanya

From volume bonus incentives and ‘soft dollar’ commissions, join outsource financial’s Tanya Sale as she examines the state of the mortgage industry amongst a slew of reports and investigations. The Truth with Tanya will feature conversations with industry leaders to discuss the real issues affecting mortgage professionals.


After Hours

After Hours is hosted by industry leader, and former FPA Australia chief executive, Mark Rantall. Designed to be late night viewing for financial services professionals, the program tackles the big issues and conversations the industry needs to have. The industry experts featured in this series are at the forefront of change, and are leading the way with long-terms trends for industry improvement.


The Transformation Series

The Transformation Series brings to life the stories of three business owners as they undergo intensive coaching to transform their business and compete for their chance to win a prize package worth over $100,000 - this is about real people, real business and real change.


No More Practice

For over a decade advice businesses have been responding to the unprecedented levels of legislative reform through a relentless search for the perfect business model. No More Practice has captured this story. For over seven years, and across six television seasons, we have brought together many of the industry’s finest minds, most experienced mentors, lawyers and successions strategists to deliver you a wealth of learning, time-honoured truths, and up-to-the-minute business tips.


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