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Transitioning to a self-employed business model

Tanya Sale, chief executive, outsource financial

In this fourth instalment of The Truth with Tanya, Tanya Sale sits down with Leah Anderson of Leah Anderson and Associates, and discusses why Leah shifted from a stable career to self-employment. Find out the hows, the whys and what she wished she knew back when she started.


Is the Australian dream still in reach?

Tanya Sale, chief executive, outsource financial

Home ownership may be the great Australian dream, but a recent survey from Australian National University found that 70 per cent of people didn’t believe they’d ever be able to own their own property. Tanya Sale of outsource financial sits down with Joanna James of Mortgage Ezy to explore housing affordability, when we can expect the markets to cool off, and how this is impacting the mortgage broking industry.

The state of Australian banking

From volume bonus incentives and ‘soft dollar’ commissions, join outsource financial’s Tanya Sale as she examines the state of the mortgage industry and Australian banking amongst a slew of reports and investigations. In the first episode, Tanya is joined by Peter White of the FBAA to tackle the real issues affecting Australia’s mortgage industry

The Truth with Tanya

From volume bonus incentives and ‘soft dollar’ commissions, join outsource financial’s Tanya Sale as she examines the state of the mortgage industry amongst a slew of reports and investigations. The Truth with Tanya will feature conversations with industry leaders to discuss the real issues affecting mortgage professionals.

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Building a better industry

In the Thought Leaders Series, OneVue MD Connie Mckeage discusses the challenges the industry has experienced and what can be done to provide support for the industry to move forward in this post Royal Commission environment. Connie also shares a future gaze for the industry and how advancements in technology, the impacts of block chain, and new payments platform will change the way we do business. 

How insurance prepared Pasquale for the unexpected

Pasquale had a young family, a successful pharmacy business and a commitment to good health. Then he had a heart attack. It was completely unexpected and, were it not for his crisis recovery insurance, his medical problem would have been compounded by financial ones. In this series, we look at how insurance helped him not only get back on his feet but also look at making some changes in his life.

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UBS Emerging Markets Equity Fund

The economic weight of the world is shifting. 10 years ago, emerging markets made up about 30% of the world’s GDP, now it’s almost half. UBS Asset Management’s Geoffrey Wong makes the case for emerging market opportunities for growth investors.

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Advice in a post-Royal Commission world

In this quarterly update, Financial Planning Association chief executive Dante De Gori discusses how the advice industry is being reshaped by reforms, the Royal Commission and the court of popular opinion. While advisers will face multiple challenges over the next few years, De Gori has some practical advice about how to move the industry forward.

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How family protection insurance saved Caitlin

An accident or illness can have devastating consequences for clients and that’s before financial considerations are even taken into account. When Carla's daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia she never imagined how much her adviser and AIA insurance would be able to provide the support she needed. Due to having family income protection insurance Carla was able to be there for her child when she needed her most.  

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How to Assist Clients Facing Financial Hardship

In this third episode of The Truth with Tanya, Laurence Hugo from Credit Mediation Services joins Tanya Sale in a discussion about financial hardship about Australians and the options they have to relieve this hardship.

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